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Your driveway can represent a significant portion of the value of your property. If you pay to have it installed yourself, then you are aware of the expense. If the driveway was there when you bought your home, you’ll want to do all you can to extend its life. In many cases, homeowners live with a damaged failing driveway for years before they choose to replace it. Avoid that frustration by properly maintaining and protecting what you have now.



Sealcoating is the application of a liquid product engineered to protect asphalt pavement from harmful environmental elements. Protect your investment by extending the useful life of a driveway, parking lot or road; pavement sealer slows down the failure process and blocks out rain, ice and sunlight. It resists harmful spills of chemicals like Antifreeze and salt. Since it is engineered from a coal tar emulsion, it isn’t soluble in oil or gas. In short, protecting your pavement with sealcoat is much like protecting your skin with sun block. In addition to providing protection, the sealant will give your driveway/parking lot/road a new dark black color, improving your property’s appearance and value.




Have you ever wondered why you are patching or paving every spring? When water enters through any crack large or small, whether it is asphalt or concrete, it affects the sub-base allowing the earth to become soft (read: mud). The heavy weight from above causes the mud to pump upward contaminating the rock and weakening it to the point of no support for the traffic above. Furthermore, water in the winter freezes and causes those pot holes everyone hates! With yearly sealcoating, you will notice your maintenance bills becoming less and less expensive.












We guarantee a clean professional job and pledge to keep any non-ashpalt areas clear of sealcoating supplies. The sealcoating season in Illinois typically runs from early April to late October.  We require air temperature to be no less than 50 degrees, with no rain in the forecast to start a job.



The Prestige Paving Sealcoating Process:

  • Remove any weeds from edges and cracks of parking lots/driveways

  • Blow off dirt and debris

  • Patch any holes

  • Fill in cracks

  • Oil spot treatment (If needed)

  • Power wash (If needed)

  • Tape off sealcoat area until dry


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